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108251 45.516964,-73.579750 Good coffee, wifi and beautiful people. Surprisingly good lunch menu in the last couple of years. Often frequented by the ghost of Boris past, present and future.tag as resto coffee lunch wifi plateau
108253 45.517204,-73.579300 Excellent lunch spot. The food drops off in the evening as the beer crowd arrives.tag as resto lunch plateau beer
108255 45.516212,-73.577667 Smoked meat. Most people order the "medium". The brave and the foolish order the "meat plate".tag as resto smokedmeat plateau cheapeats
108257 45.525204,-73.585999 Nothing fancy just an old sandwich/bakery run by a Vietnamese couple with good pain au chocolat.
108259 45.524632,-73.586472 Small casual and French. The menu's been a bit all over the map in years but the owner has a good eye for wine.tag as resto plateau french
108261 45.524059,-73.600456 aka Cafe Olympico. First or second best place for coffee depending on your bias. A good place to go Boris spotting.tag as coffee mileend
108263 45.522884,-73.601616 New Yorkers: Silence!tag as bagels mileend latenight
108265 45.522919,-73.595398 New Yorkers: You're still wrong.tag as bagels mileend latenight
108267 45.524151,-73.595352 Casual, Italian home-cooking.tag as resto italian plateau
108269 45.514194,-73.572929 Quick and cheap and easy. Also open until 4AM.tag as resto coffee plateau cheapeats
108271 45.501175,-73.556297 Best sticky buns evar. Slightly unbearable depending on the volume of beautiful people on display.tag as resto coffee oldmontreal pastries
108273 45.483070,-73.575043 Not for the feint of heart. Or vegetarians. Expensive but worth it (some of the waiters can't recommend wine to save their lives though)2491 rue Notre-Dame Ouest(514) 935-6504tag as resto meat sthenri
108275 45.515957,-73.577454 The other place you go for smoked meat. Open 24 hours.tag as resto plateau latenight smokedmeat
108277 45.525299,-73.574905 Poutine! 24 hours of it!! Most people consider it the best in town.tag as resto plateau poutine latenight
108279 45.524937,-73.584984 Hey look! It's where we're having dinner on Saturday night!!4669 rue Saint-DenisMontréal, QC H2J 2L5, Canada(514) 285-4444tag as resto french plateau de08
108281 45.532806,-73.614220 First or second best place to get coffee depending on your bent. If you're finnicky about cigarette smoke you will be openly mocked.tag as resto coffee littleitaly
108283 45.533371,-73.613365 Apparently it's a hardware store but all they sell are guns and delicious cooking/kitchen pr0n.
108285 45.523594,-73.583115 It's the bar with the ostrich headstag as beer plateau
108287 45.519459,-73.598450 Best croissants in towntag as plateau pastries breakfast
108289 45.523888,-73.600639 OMG! Yummy chocolates!! tag as mileend chocolate
108291 45.497746,-73.557526 Fancy-pants lunch on a tray. Surprisingly good.257 rue PrinceMontréal, QC H3C 2N4, Canada(514) 866-1213tag as resto lunch oldmontreal
108293 45.469440,-73.618057 Best greasy breakfast in town. Tiny and full of hangover-fighting grease.5843 Sherbrooke St Westtag as skip resto breakfast ndg cheapeats
108295 45.518059,-73.581627 Poutine and other fried things. Including breakfast.tag as resto plateau cheapeats breakfast hangover
108297 45.538242,-73.610886 Good old-skool Mexican if you're craving it and not arriving from the West coast.550 Rue Bélangertag as resto mexican cheapeats
108299 45.549450,-73.600830 Possibly too cold to justify the trip but wonderlicious gelato.2221 Rue Bélangertag as skip
108301 45.522167,-73.574554 536 avenue Duluth EstMontréal, QC H2L 1A9, Canada(514) 281-1114tag as resto meat french plateau
108303 45.495968,-73.570969 Reliable if a bit pricey place to have lunch downtown.1012 rue de la Montagnetag as resto lunch downtown
108305 45.495968,-73.570969 Locals refer to it as "Westmount". Best avoided.
108307 45.495968,-73.570969 One reason I will move back to Montrealtag as market littleitaly
108309 45.495968,-73.570969 Better meats than the Jean Talon markettag as market sthenri
108311 45.506062,-73.574867 Apropos of nothing
108313 45.504829,-73.578743 Left as an exercise to the reader
108315 45.515591,-73.576622 Now it's just a high-end sneaker store
108317 45.515591,-73.576622
108319 45.515591,-73.576622
108321 45.515591,-73.576622 Once upon a time families and hipsters, until the hipsters started getting greedy.
108323 45.476974,-73.621246 As immortalized in Grim Skunk's "Wakin' and Bakin'"
108325 45.476974,-73.621246 Pleasant enough but banks too much on being "old and historical" only by North American standards. Also once the land of "second homes" when New Yorkers were still flush.
108327 45.490097,-73.584679 If you're a hockey fan and think it might be fun to go see some history, don't. You'll just end up feeling dirty and want to hurt a passerby.
108329 45.490902,-73.578575 Yay, Phylis Lambert!!tag as architecture downtown museum
108331 45.497288,-73.581093
108333 45.499531,-73.588211 Think LSD experiments in the 60s
108335 45.499531,-73.588211 Home of the "underground city" which is convenient when it's -20 outside but otherwise makes you hate humanity.
108337 45.499531,-73.588211 Known by the locals as "Outremont". Prettier than Westmount, at least.
108339 45.499531,-73.588211
108341 45.499531,-73.588211
108343 45.535385,-73.572250 Best cheese shop in town. Not as big as the shop at the Jean Talon market but open later, most days.2117 avenue du Mont-Royal e.
108345 45.536411,-73.616180 Best cheese shop in the city.220 rue Jean-Talon e.tag as market cheese littleitaly
108347 45.503609,-73.570122 I sang in a choir here in high school and in order to build the shopping mall they simply excavated all around the underneath the building.Ownership of the mall and the skyscraper behind the cathedral will revert to the archdiocese in another 80 years or so. Meanwhile, the rest of the city is converting all the remaining churches in to condos.See also: Jesus of Montreal
108349 45.532822,-73.613625 High-end Italian restaurant. It's been a few years but it was wonderful when I went.tag as resto italian littleitaly
108351 45.535896,-73.614334 mmmm...sausagestag as market littleitaly meat
108353 45.536160,-73.614838 mmmmm....donutstag as market littleitaly pastries
108355 45.536304,-73.615326 mmmm....porktag as market meat
108357 45.513344,-73.571243 Strangely good poutine. I wouldn't order anything else on the menu. Also, full of beautiful people.tag as resto plateau poutine
108359 45.521683,-73.589821 Spanish home-cooking.In all the time I live in Montreal (and I lived around the block) I never managed to go. Who wants to go with me?tag as resto plateau spanish
108361 45.524872,-73.575096 Nice bar conveniently located next to the poutine joint. Also the location of the monthly YULblog meetings.tag as beer plateau
108363 45.523567,-73.594749 Wonderful Japanese paper store.
108365 45.504223,-73.567024 Then they noticed I was wearing a (Joan) Miro sweatshirt and I was suddenly "not so bad".
108367 45.504223,-73.567024 Home to some the best graffiti in Montreal, it was finally torn down in 2007.
108369 45.513897,-73.587791 Pay no attention to the bongo players and people spinning by the statue.
108371 45.513897,-73.587791 The place you could never afford to get an apartment.
108373 45.510788,-73.572449 Too much cheese for my taste, I mostly just remember it as being the cafe where I once attended an anarchist's "conference" and was nearly bored to tears.201 rue Miltontag as resto cheapeats
108375 45.514790,-73.565544 Burgertastic!302 rue Ontario e.tag as resto meat
108377 45.516151,-73.577507 Portuguese (this half of the Plateau is really Little Portugal)tag as resto plateau portuguese
108379 45.516502,-73.578300 Another one of those restaurants I never managed to eat at. Mordecai Richler territory. Who wants to go with me?3961 St Laurent(514) 845-3509tag as plateau resto steak
108381 45.516891,-73.574699 A good local off of the Main.156 Roy e.tag as beer plateau
108383 45.516891,-73.574699 Or boulevard St. Laurent. In the not so distant past it really was the dividing line between the French and the English. This is no longer true even though some people still cling to the myth for a variety of reasons.The important thing to know about the Main is that is the dividing line between "East" and "West" in the city even though that's about 45 degrees off from reality.
108385 45.516891,-73.574699 Lord Dorchester was the supply captain to the English army at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham where the English defeated the French for control of North America.He was put in charge of the province since the English general (Wolfe) had died in battle and following his own death Boulevard St. Jean Baptiste (the patron saint of Quebec) was renamed in his honour.When Rene Levesque, the founder the sovereignist Parti Quebecois, died it was decided to rename Dorchester Boulevard after him.Except for this one five block stretch of road in Westmount where they refuse to change the name.
108387 45.526340,-73.590034 The other 24 hour poutine joint which most people seem to go to for breakfast.tag as resto poutine breakfast hangover
108389 45.524265,-73.582649 mmmm....crepestag as cheapeats plateau
108391 45.514046,-73.531433 My friend's father, a local kite maker, was in the Bucky Ball working out the details for an installation when the poor thing when up in flames.Now it is home to penguins.tag as skip architecture
108393 45.515636,-73.580467 Don't let the giant hippie sandwiches scare you. The food is good and these are the good and earnest community-minded people we all aspire to be on better days.tag as resto lunch plateau
108395 45.504391,-73.577446 If you're into rocks and fossils and skeletons.tag as museum
108397 45.515385,-73.562386 Supposed to be quite nice inside when the panels outside aren't falling off. Free wireless.tag as wifi
108399 45.520016,-73.574142 Honest to god proper French bistro. Not necessarily cheap but reliable and good.3927 rue Saint-Denistag as resto french plateau
108401 45.472763,-73.611656 tag as skip resto cheapeats ndg
108403 45.517513,-73.585770 as hotel plateau
108405 45.509369,-73.569427 as de08
108407 45.509369,-73.569427 counterclockwise(SE on Clarke/St-Urbain until Old Montreal, NW on St-Laurent Blvd)
108409 45.511993,-73.569359 $$$tag as hotel plateau
108411 45.511993,-73.569359
108413 45.511993,-73.569359
108415 45.507950,-73.574486 as hotel downtown
108417 45.506657,-73.559830 as hotel downtown
108419 45.507160,-73.565529 as hotel downtown
108421 45.506466,-73.572197 as hotel downtown
108423 45.506138,-73.571472 as hotel downtown
108425 45.508919,-73.570824 as hotel downtown
108427 45.508911,-73.572975 as hotel downtown
108429 45.507511,-73.571442 as hotel downtown
108431 45.507175,-73.571632 as hotel downtown
108433 45.507145,-73.572197 as hotel downtown
108435 45.501415,-73.558495 449 rue Sainte-HélèneMontréal, QC H2Y 2K9, Canada(514) 904-1616tag as hotel oldmontreal
108437 45.500023,-73.556633 355 rue McGillMontréal, QC H2Y 2E8, Canada(514) 380-2222tag as hotel oldmontreal
108439 45.536514,-73.616142 Syrian/Armenian café has an excellent take on familiar mideast fare. Newly renovated/expanded to cope with the crowds.191 Jean-Talon East. 514-270-9361 tag as resto
108441 45.517624,-73.578773 Closet-sized BYOB with very good Malay/SE Asian. Good for vegetarians68, avenue Duluth Est514-284-4696www.cashetcari.catag as vegetarian resto